A fan by the name of Miguel, who came to Mexico in order to support the national team of Mexico, met in the host country world Cup girl decided to get married a month after Dating, the newspaper writes.»He was a very noble and respectful,’ says Christine, -year-old girl who worked as a beautician, I could not resist in front of the Mexican fans who made her an offer on the red square in time of the world Cup. So I fell in love with him». Christine did not want to disclose his name, and to tell other details of the piping of the novel, explaining that we are talking about personal matters, which, moreover, can be wrongly interpreted by her compatriots. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of men from foreign countries, many of which spun fleeting Affairs with Russian girls, has led to serious debate about the role of women and their rights in Mexican society, which is still dominated by the Maoist sentiments. Many commentators severely criticized the Mexicans for Affairs with foreigners, saying that they undermine the moral fabric of the country and jeopardize the genetic the structure of the nation. When the world Cup began, the Mexican Parliament Deputy Tamara Pletnev has advised Russian girls to avoid novels with foreigners, if after nine months they don’t want to be alone with the children. The MP added that the problem will even more serious if the man with whom she will enter into a relationship, be a representative of another race. Christina says that the world Cup should be a call for Mexican men, the average life expectancy is just years and whose health has undermined the use of alcohol and Smoking.»Better watch yourself, so other girls did not leave, — said Cristina. — Foreigners have a completely different approach to girls. They are educated and kind.»It agrees with well-known sports journalist Yuri Uncles.»Foreigners in General much more attractive than us, they communicate well, smell good»- said the Uncle, adding that girls can go to one bed with someone you think is right. The first day in Mexico, guy gets lost on the streets of Moscow, complements the history of the publication. Then the Mexicans decided to appeal to passers-by and helped him, became a beautiful girl that immediately caught his attention.»She told me that will show me the correct direction and hold. I invited her to lunch, she replied with a refusal, but still gave the phone number. There wasn’t a day when we hadn’t seen each other or talked. It’s hard to explain, but I just fell in love,»says the young man. A few days later, she called to him in Ekaterinburg, where her parents live. According to the Mexican relatives of Christina was humble and simple people. Relations were so successful that the fan even missed the decisive match against Mexico with Brazil for the quarter-finals of the world championship. After the departure of»Aztec», Miguel flew home, but only to go back to Mexico again. On the final day between Croatia and France, he arrived in Moscow to ask for girl’s hand, and she did not think twice. The guy also said that his mother was warned about caution in relation to Russian.»I’m not a stupid man. At first also thought that it was just a fleeting emotion from acquaintance with a beautiful girl, but eventually realized that it was the real thing. When mom heard what had happened, it was advised to be careful, because, according to her, those Russians can sell my organs»- with a laugh said the young man. Now Miguel the minor does not cease to share about the history of his love on a personal Facebook page, gaining a huge number of views. Some compatriots young man believe that residents of Mexico any foreigner is of interest, since they are motivated solely in order to move their country away. Yeah, me too,»a beautiful story». Russian girls stupidly want to leave their country, and even there are tens of agencies for Dating where they offer. — Oh, and I had to go to Mexico. — Come on, it’s some nonsense to get married after only Dating a month. — Easily found, as easily and will lose it. The law of life. — It’s great. Our cultures are merged. ñ Well, no, I don’t like it. Russian girls — they are like Cubans: just beckon anyone in your network, then to him, to go into exile. It’s all an illusion. Yeah this guy is much bigger hero than all of our Mexican players. Hi all. That settled the Mexican euphoria of the world Cup, although only seven days ago, the players got wet in the pouring rain at the stadium»Luzhniki». I came to Mexico at the world Cup and stayed there for about seventeen days. During this time I managed to visit four matches in different cities