Mexico hot and Sunny South American country with an extremely cheerful and sociable people and a strong cult of the family. Mexicans are kind, cheerful, love to talk and listen to gossip. They are hospitable to foreigners, though wary of the American style of communication and to the Spaniards. Ardent patriots, I love the holidays and arrange them on various occasions. Good communication is evident at least that the inhabitants of Mexico used to accompany almost any conversation with a big smile. Also it should be (especially in provincial areas) to greet everyone, even strangers, for example, going into public transport. In Mexico the true freedom of speech. And residents communicate with each other without particular limitations. However, with strangers or visiting Mexicans are very polite and follow all rules of etiquette. The majority of the country is very clean. It is believed that the clothes should be tidy, new and clean. At business meetings it is customary to wear a tie. Is prohibited or is not approved abortion. So many family three or more children the norm. Children get special treatment around here, they pamper and allow a lot. In addition, in Mexico there is a cult of motherhood, the mother is a sacred concept for the Mexican.

In General, Mexican women are not equal to man in status. So, in business there are few women, though there is a tendency to increase their influence. The head of the family also is a man. In his spare time, Mexicans go to the movies, drive their kids to the circus, or do Golf, football, horse riding, hunting, diving, etc. Exciting nightlife only famous for tourist centers. To brag about their material wealth is generally not accepted, but Mexicans have to be expensive. In the Affairs of the people of Mexico appreciate punctuality, but in informal communication is of great importance. The total number of residents of Mexico is about, million. As for the modern ethnic composition, it consists of the white descendants of immigrants from Europe (about five), mestizos, who call themselves»Mexicans,»Indians, as well as two representatives of other groups (Asians, mulattoes and blacks). the inhabitants of Mexico live in cities, own their own living space. This apartment is very small, a lot more regions composed entirely of private houses. The official language of this country speaks Spanish (Mexico is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world), however, the widespread uses of the English language. The shops and restaurants of the resort areas also often hear French and German speech. Much less frequently used dialect of the local ethnic groups. The foreigner should know Spanish, especially if he is going to do business in Mexico. So he’s going to get with Mexican partners, much more success. However, with some Spanish phrases or curses should be careful, the locals may perceive this as disrespectful attitude of the foreigner. The main religion in Mexico is Christianity, about the population adhere to Catholicism. In addition, among the Mexican inhabitants there are representatives of Protestantism, including Pentecostals and Jehovah’s witnesses, and about of the population professes other religion. three Mexicans consider themselves to be atheists, and about another, undecided with religion. Among the inhabitants of the country started visiting the Church on Sundays. Despite the influence of religion, divorces, civil marriages and illegitimate children are not uncommon, though not too approved by the society. When meeting often use the intermediary in the form of a mutual friend. Be thoroughly presented, then put the arms.

Widely distributed business cards

When you call frequently used titles (señor) and the polite pronoun»you». If the communication between satellites happens to»you»as talking to each other and accompanying. For women there are two types of appeals: a Senhora»married woman»and her»girl». If marital status is unknown to women, polite to refer to her as miss. A woman has a right to expect before it opens the door, light a cigarette, etc, it is quite natural. The greeting is in the form of a handshake or a kiss on the cheek. Welcoming the woman in a casual conversation, doing both at the same time. Open communication with frequent Pat on the shoulder, etc. to Exude copious compliments in Mexico is considered the usual tribute of politeness, and uncivil behavior can cause strong resentment. Gratitude is usually expressed and overly lengthy. Sharp denials or refusals Mexicans do not like. The Mexicans, it should be in the conversation (direct and telephone) for a long time to discuss extraneous topics before proceeding to the main. Alcoholic drinks residents consume very moderately, especially in the cities. To appear in a state of intoxication in a public place is not desirable. However, Smoking is usually not restricted. Guests need to remember that in Mexican homes will not be produced, regardless of the weather outside. Frequent gifts, and quite rich, but not when we first met. Flowers as a gift is always welcome, but the bouquet should be large, at least a dozen flowers. At the table, the Mexicans behave very civilized, comply with the etiquette requirements. The right tasting wine is given to guests. Toast is better to pronounce in Spanish, it would have to guest hosts. Food such as tortillas or tortillas to eat with your hands, attempt to use Cutlery in this case is regarded as the snobbery