Mexico is full of entertainment and unforgettable experiences, for both adults and children. Planning a trip here, each parent can choose for their child excursions and entertainment programs in accordance with the age and interests of the child. To plan your stay with the child, it is important to know which hotels are convenient for travelers with children, what tours, excursions, entertainment and summer camps will be interesting to children and what are the precautions for a safe holiday in this country. This will be discussed in the article. Not all resorts, beaches and activities will be suitable for vacationers with children in Mexico. Some beaches may be suitable for active and extreme sports. Certain excursions require special training and have age restrictions. However, the holiday for children in Mexico is very rich and varied. Parents and seniors also have the opportunity to enjoy the swimming pool, dining area with umbrellas and comfortable Seating for a picnic, and one of twenty-five shaded terraces for rest and relaxation in a peaceful atmosphere. — it is comfortable and diverse entertainment center in Mexico city. Here the visitors have access to: water Park, water rides, tennis courts and a football field.

Here, in addition to the standard set of breathtaking water rides, you can visit the Dolphinarium, swim with dolphins or even hot air ballooning. The youngest can play safely in the children’s Park, where parents will feel complete peace of mind for their children. Adolescents and young people can spend time on the water rides and beach sports. Food in the cafe is included in the ticket price. Eco Park Xcaret is a true gem of the Yucatan, which absorbed all the best from flora, fauna and natural wonders of Mexico. Excursion in the Park will be fun for children of all ages, as well as for parents. Here you can order special tours of the boards, diving excursions, organized the swimming program, visit a tropical jungle, stained glass, tower, the beach or a Mexican cemetery. The Park offers a closer look at the wonders of our world. Here visitors can see the underground river, caves, stalactites and rock formations, swim with dolphins, enjoying the incredible diversity of tropical plants and colorful night show. Tropical jungle is a unique green area, where there are unique medicinal plants, trees with exotic fruits, beautiful tropical flowers, the sacred plant of the indigenous tribes of the Maya and exotic shrubs.

is an exotic crocodile farm in Cancun

The Park is surrounded by a lush tropical garden. Here the children can hold babies crocodiles, Pets and ostriches. Park in the vicinity of Santiago is ideal for families with children. The Park itself is a combination of rain forest, natural rivers and reservoirs. For children there is a most curious exposition of»the land of the dinosaurs». Realistic models of ancient creatures have a natural size and very harmonious look in combination with the surrounding nature and tropical greenery.»Mammoth Museum»will allow children to go on a unique journey into the past and get to know those animals that once lived on our planet. A mini-zoo, butterfly pavilion and the garden allow children to meet the animals of Mexico in their natural habitat, and learn more about the flora of these lands, for example, to see the huge cacti and agave. In addition, in this Park you can rent a cottage for a family or to live in a specially equipped tent camp. Park»Zvezda»in the city of Monterey invites you to the little guests and their parents. Many animals, lake, pine and oak forest, suspension bridges, rivers, bird show — all this allows you to enjoy a varied stay. Visitors can swim in a boat on the river, enjoy the dance of the pelicans, walking over bridges and through forests. In the vicinity of Monterrey for children also have many opportunities for exciting leisure. Baby camp in Mexico offer the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. For many to spend their summer vacation here is a great opportunity to improve their knowledge of Spanish language, Mexican history and natural history and other Sciences.

Camp V

He is based in the picturesque haciendas of the colonial period. Modern interior design blends with the exterior of the building and allows children to feel the comfort and coziness during your stay. During a flight that can last hours, the child will need for hygiene and good nutrition, so it is important to take regular foods or formula. As for the road, and during the tour, it is important to remember the availability of first aid kit with medicines and first aid, because some medications can be found immediately among its foreign counterparts, but somewhere in the journey, or Hiking, nearby may not be a pharmacy. Parents should be especially careful to solar activity, which even in the cloud, you can get sunburn. It is therefore important take care of clothing made of natural fine fabric with long sleeves. Beach umbrellas and protective sun cream is an essential part of relaxing on the shore. Also careful you should be when choosing a beach because some have a rocky bottom, rock formations and the swift eddies and ocean currents. For families with children should know about a few beaches where it is unsafe to stay with children