Among connoisseurs of alcohol Mexico is known for its tequila, but only a few know that she has a»big brother»- mezcal, which appeared much earlier. In fact, tequila is one of the many types of mezcal. Offer you to learn more about this amazing drink and the culture of its use. Mezcal (is Spanish for»drink») is a traditional Mexican alcohol fortress — degrees, obtained by fermentation and subsequent distillation of the juice of some varieties of agave (plants of the Asparagus) with the addition of sugar and other ingredients. On distillation (distillation) of the Mexican tribes learned from the Spanish conquistadors who came to their territory in the century. Prior to this, the Indians drank the murky white liquid»pulque»- a low alcoholic beverage (degrees) from the fermented juice of the agave, reminiscent of Braga. Spanish is not satisfied, they began to experiment with local raw materials to obtain a real»fire-water». Soon the efforts of the conquerors were crowned with success. The first mention dates from the year mescale. The»godfather»of the drink is called don Pedro Sanchez, who founded the first factory for its production. Of alcohol the Spanish conquerors, mezcal became the national drink of Mexico. Technology of production of mezcal is very simple. First fruits of the agave, aged — years, cut before flowering. In this period they contain the greatest amount of starch needed for fermentation. Next, the agave is treated, leaving to drink only the core of the fruit. Cleaned is placed in a special stone oven conical shape and baked for days. Then the crushed fruits boiled in a VAT until a homogeneous adhesive mass. After fermentation is distillation. To years mezcal was distilled only one time. The resulting drink by degrees greatly inferior in quality to the tequila, distillable twice. But after switching to double distilled quality of both drinks was equal. After re-distillation, the alcohol content of mescale is, then it is diluted with water to desired strength. Raw materials. For the production of mezcal are four basic varieties of agave and Tequila is made only from the juice of the blue agave core. Technology. In most types of mezcal add sugar, podslushat tequila is not accepted. In the rest of the modern cooking techniques of both drinks are identical.

Mezcal is produced throughout Mexico, and tequila is the local drink of the state of Jalisco, it is made in a limited area. The presence of caterpillars. Some manufacturers add in a bottle of mezcal caterpillar, parasitic on leaves and fruits of the agave. The purpose of this insect we’ll look at later, in the meantime, I note that the shot with the caterpillar does not happen. At the bottom of some bottles of mezcal you can see the strange white worm. This is the caterpillar of a butterfly — parasite that lives on the agave. The insect is of two types: red and white (Golden). The most prestigious drinks only added the red caterpillar that lives in the heart of the agave. White»worm»lives on the leaves to grow and catch him easier, so it’s not as valuable as his red counterpart. But to determine the species of caterpillar in the bottle with the finished mezcal difficult. The fact that under the influence of alcohol any insect becomes colorless. This cunning move, the firm drew attention to its products. After some time, other brands have borrowed the successful experience. First, the presence of the worm was due to a desire to demonstrate high quality (in a good alcohol insect does not decompose) and to increase protection against counterfeiting. Then they started to attribute healing properties that increase virility and even communication with the spirit world. Seeing the success of competitors, producers of tequila began to spread another myth -«worm»causes hallucinations. In fact, these caterpillars are harmless. They’re specially grown young agaves that are not handled with pesticides. Then another year kept in pure alcohol to kill pathogenic bacteria. Bottle of mezcal with a caterpillar marked by string or. These drinks are safe and taste no different from those where there is no»worm». To eat the caterpillar is optional. If the insect is disgusting, it is possible to extract from the bottle and just throw it away. In its purest form. The drink is served at room temperature. Culture of its use resembles the drinking of liquors. Mezcal is poured into shot glasses and drink in small SIPS, trying to catch all the flavor notes. Each artist makes their product unique by adding in the composition of mezcal fruits, honey and other ingredients. As a result, appeared more than a hundred varieties with completely different flavors. For example, in Russia a popular tequila with pear, the fruit is placed in the whole bottle. Mezcal eating dishes seasoned with spicy sauces and spices. It goes well with grilled beef, pork, chicken, beans, potatoes, cheeses and even fish. According to Mexican tradition after drinking mezcal him eating the caterpillar from the bottle. The carcass is divided equally between all participants of a feast, it is a sign of respect to the audience. Caterpillar meat is rich in protein and proteins. Like tequila. Fans of tequila know she goes well with lime and salt. Method is called»Lick.

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Kusni.». Most of the producers of mezcal takes care of his customers. On the bottle necks is tied a bag of red powder, containing salt, chili pepper and grind the dried carcass of a caterpillar. On the back of your hand between your thumb and forefinger sprinkle some salt. Then the same finger taken a slice of lime (lemon). First you need to lick hands with salt, then drink in one gulp a shot of mezcal and eating the slice of lime. At home we can restrict tomato juice, flavored with spices. Drunk in one gulp a shot of mezcal to drink. It turns out spicy mixture, burning throat. Drawback — the original taste of mezcal is lost completely. At the first acquaintance with this amazing alcoholic drink I advise you to try all three methods. One of them you will like. Dear users, ask a question or leave a comment, it will be possible Monday. Master Troubleshooting, the previous comments and the forum (operating normally) decide issues. Have a nice weekend