The contrast of modern cities with the ancient world of the Indians, and the mixing of several cultures is Mexico. We can talk about it a lot and the year is not enough to meet her. And maybe better to stay in Mexico, as did Tatiana, once he moved from Mexico city to this Sunny country. Get inspired by interesting story of the relocation of Tatiana in the United Mexican States, her life experiences and advice about holidays in this country. Tell us about yourself. I’m Tanya, born and raised in Moscow. Educated as a journalist and photographer, graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow state University, photojournalist. And now, ten years of living in Mexico. Here I have my own business in photography and two children with dual citizenship and my husband is Mexican. Your story of moving to Mexico. I always wanted to be a photographer, and when he entered the journalism faculty at MSU, long journeys and unusual, exotic countries began to attract me because I saw in the portfolio, their teachers and peers photography from around the world. One of the workshops on photography in Europe I met a Mexican photographer Raul. This acquaintance led me to Mexico. Who would have thought that in ten years I will live in Mexico, we’re married with two kids and a family photo Studio business. How to get citizenship in Mexico. The easiest way to obtain residency and then citizenship in Mexico is the Mexican marriage or birth of a child in the country. You can also live in the country for at least five years from the official registration at work and then file for citizenship. Or you can make an investment in the economy of the country and to obtain citizenship in Mexico. How different life is in Mexico and in Mexico. It’s just impossible to compare. Life in Mexico is very different. For example, here we live in spacious houses, rather than apartments. Children’s education and paid medicine. Public transport is not developed, all by car. Education and thus good job is not available to all, hence the sharp difference on social classes. It is also customary to have a housekeeper and a nanny, it is not expensive, so how people from other socio-economic layer. What to see in Mexico tourist. You need to see everything. To see all the sights Mexico you need a year at least. Mexico. Near the capital are the pyramids of the Aztec Titicaca. On them you can fly in a balloon at dawn. Should definitely go to the Volcano. This mountain is associated with many legends and stories from the history of Mexico. Features of Mexico’s magic villages. This picturesque small towns with colonial architecture, many of which are registered heritage of humanity by UNESCO. And how many delicious local food you can try. Follow the center of the country and North to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, for example, in portoviejo. A quiet town on the coast lives a normal life. It is home to many retirees from the United States and Canada. In La Paz, in Baja California, you can swim with whales. And this is just a small list of a few of the attractions of Mexico. When to go to Mexico to relax. Winter is better to go to the coast, and in summer in the centre of the country and cities. Why. Summer in Mexico is the rainy season, the ocean can be hurricanes and constant rains. And in the winter in cities too cold by the sea you will feel most comfortable. Visa is not required. Now used free electronic authorization, it is possible to register online on the website of the Embassy. They say that soon it will be canceled. Prices in Mexico. Travel in Mexico is not very expensive, but not as cheap as many think. Room on the (website for rental housing) from thirty-five dollars per night, the hotel room from a hundred dollars per night. Housing prices in Mexico start from five hundred dollars per month, but this is for those who draw up the long-term lease. In the short term is likely to be more expensive. To buy property in Mexico, you need residence in a country or citizenship. You will be able to find a small house or apartment for three million rubles. Closer to the sea or in a prestigious area, the price increases to infinity. Cheapest prices to Mexico for food. Sold on every corner something to eat, you can eat dachshunds (traditional local dish) from rubles to person. For transportation around town public transportation is not recommended. Or use a taxi in Mexico. The price depends on the region. For example, the journey in twenty minutes rubles. Also in Mexico you can rent a car, it will cost about fifty dollars a day. For travel to Mexico between cities can also use the rented car (to calculate the cost of gasoline and pay-traces), I recommend the bus, it would cost fifty dollars for the trip between the cities. Or planes one hundred dollars flights between nearby cities — of dollars if you fly from the center of the country on the coast. The work in Mexico. Work work only with a work permit, you need to register to enter the country through an invitation from the employer. Fluency in the Spanish and English will be essential. In the tourist regions, for example, in the Caribbean, feel free to look for work in the field of tourism. Tell us about the mentality of the Mexicans and their culture. Mexicans and similar, and not similar to Russian. The main differences is to postpone all for tomorrow, never to be punctual, neither in work nor in private life. This ostentatious friendliness and smiles that are nothing more than an expression of civility, not friendship, as many Russians at first. Class society where your quality of life and your attitude to others depends on what social class you belong to. Hence the so — called class racism, but on the grounds of income. At the same time, Mexicans are very family oriented, responsible husbands and fathers. And of course, Mexicans love foreigners and worship white skin. If you are from Europe — much better. The United States and Americans dislike here, as well as us. Mexican patriots, don’t aloud to criticize their country. Do not attempt to feed them borscht or dumplings, they would prefer tax — a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine. How to marry a Mexican.) You need to be a white girl with blue eyes, then Mexican husband at your feet. Joke) indeed, as elsewhere, need to look for a person with similar character and life plans. Tell us about the kindergartens and the education system in Mexico. Education is divided into private colleges and state schools. Compulsory education up to grade high school. Public schools are considered much less private, there is often overcrowded classes, not enough teachers, behavior of students is out of control — ved many children from poor areas and from disadvantaged families. Private gardens of Mexico, colleges and universities are very nice. There is respect for the child, there goes half the day learning in English and half in Spanish. There often teach additional subjects: music, art, and science in English. Or ispolzat: constructivism, mantissa, Walldorf. Private colleges in Mexico you will find for every taste and budget. Children are brought there by car — a special nurse helps children to exit the vehicle and enter the school to avoid a traffic jam before the gates of the College and all parents have time to drop off their children on time. After all, school starts V. am. What meals will advise you to try. To this question answer is impossible. Mexican cuisine due to its diversity, adherence to the traditions and richness of flavors, is listed by UNESCO as a heritage of humanity on a par with French. I suggest in each region to taste the typical dishes, especially in markets or»Tungus»- mobile markets that operate on certain days of the week. Journey an incomparable experience, they so enrich our inner world make us more tolerant to different way of life, reveal to us new facets of the world and themselves. My dream is to start travelling throughout Mexico and tell about it in my instagram. Your wishes travelers going to Mexico. Logic is your best assistant on vacation in Mexico. In Mexico, everywhere is dangerous not true everywhere in Mexico is safe is a lie. Focus on the forums, on local councils, their own judgement. The the same intuition will be useful when choosing a place for lunch. Saw a fun local crowd munching there’s certainly tasty, inexpensive, and not poisoned