Interesting relations in mixed marriages, the husband of a Mexican wife is Russian. What sort of relationship.

at least the Mexicans and the well-known macho and here are quite common beatings (especially in lower layers), I think, with a Russian girl is did not happen — the Mexicans these in the blood, for them it is like this, but Russian women themselves do not give offense to Russian guys married not fashionable now to leave. If necessary we will arrange a beating worse than the Mexicans, Spanish collar will do. This is when a guitar’s neck break In Mexico a lot of Russian, a Mexican, go only if you want to give birth to brown Your comment, there is a good explanation why the Mexicans some girls attract more) Asya your comment confirms just look at the photo Polyakova and we can agree that any Negro are beautiful Smart often ugly and white as Schwarzenegger, but the Mexicans are all beautiful, gentle I. roundnose, then I find them in the local brothels just I lived a long time with family out of state. In the house they have roaches, mice, in the yard a few flea-bitten mutts five children For fifteen years in the United States, English was barely savvy Here there is racism, we had sex, but their culture on misery why you Want to change change yourself for a man, live as they you are just in a place hit. with Mexico, of course, full of poor stupid people who look disgusting and that it is still live as you described. And you in the Russian village ever was.

there is better, Yes

everything is clean, people are educated and polite and do not drink. And he everyone chooses with whom to communicate and what to pay attention to. For example, I live in a nice neighborhood and the poor hardly ever get to see this. I mean that in every country there are rich, educated people. Need to look full, because the cream only on top of the float. In the Russian village was there if you have no brain, people have Golden hands. All Sami wanted to make capital Any drunkard will be much smarter than ordinary Mexican. So look for a Russian in Mexico, to marry means to have a life together apparently you have not seen the Golden hands of the poor Mexicans. If you went to the Mexican heartland, you would see and poor, living in houses made of palm leaves, and the wealthy living in huge houses, but they all have something that unites them — it’s their culture, they have not forgotten the language of their ancestors and with their hands can things to do that just watch and admire this, And you do not advise us or decide for us who to marry, you build your life please, and we much with his own look. And yet, if we really wanted to marry a Russian, then we clearly would not look for him in Mexico, We’re all over the country, got married, and for the person and intentionally, I think no one was looking for a soul mate in Mexico, just as life was. And if you personally are unpleasant to the Mexicans, then it is your problem, this does not mean that everyone thinks or should think like you. Lena, I am a Muscovite, I live in the Spa town of San Diego Soapy series about the inhabitants of a huge cottage did not surprise me want to get there, to your health, but in beauty not like the name change at Gonzalez at least do Not see the benefits men Mexicans to Russian. Language ancestors from Spain brought the culture of the rich and the poor in General are not comparable, even skin color lighter than the rich, because they are Spaniards, not the natives. I guess Elena you purposely not notice, however, my job is to tell the truth and you will deal. To go to Mexico does not mean to be Mexican, there are many diasporas and enough Russian to offend if I came to live in a foreign country, but there is nothing to scold her. in General, such hatred of a foreign country and a foreign culture comes from the very failure and the inability to realize themselves in any foreign country, nor in his. All Nations, all countries in his own good as well as the people living there. Mexico, Russia, and Ukraine (can’t say about his home country) — beautiful country. By the way, Mexico and Russia have a common cultural problem, because both are countries with economies in transition, so for me there is a big difference. And really, it doesn’t matter what nationality the man (woman) this brand is not the decisive factor. Right Elena said — nobody goes to Mexico for her husband — so life was going. I, for example, when I go to the States planned to stay there, and I never thought I’d live in Mexico