and the relationship between Mexican spouses. A huge role was played by Mexican soap operas, which are in abundance produces the film industry of the country. The average Mexican woman from the perspective of the Americans and Europeans is always pregnant with lots of children, a devout Catholic, suffering from jealousy of the husband or from their own jealousy, curator of the series with a bad figure, but a loving tight outfits, combining bright makeup and bad taste in clothes, and most importantly, firmly attached family-related responsibilities to the family hearth. in recent years, changed significantly. The woman always was the boss in the house and the children, but lately the Mexicans are increasingly seen in the responsible work. On the border of Mexico and once you can meet women — officers of customs and police, and further inland in many services and offices you can also see an impressive number of female staff. In Mexico much more than in Mexico women drivers and female taxi drivers. On the one hand, this can be interpreted as a vivid manifestation of emancipation, on the other hand, Mexico is still a pretty poor country, and women are often a lot to take. it is not only husband, wife and children, but also parents and, in addition, many more or less close relatives. Relatives, usually tightly linked by common family traditions, they often communicate, participate in the life of each other, and very close to each other. the woman is not working, her shoulders fall the responsibilities of housework and raising children. This lifestyle is gradually receding into the past, but, nevertheless, this current state of Affairs is often found in Mexican society. Many men believe that financial issues and providing family is a purely masculine duty. A man in Mexico is considered to be strong, but it is not true to the fact that he was able to repair the house. Even such simple things, how to hammer a nail or to establish the door handle, I assume a challenge to master. Men in Mexico, usually do this work do not. a very pronounced trait, such as a special solidarity of the female half of the family. All the women in the family are very close to each other, to fully trust each other and share their most intimate secrets. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law do not behave as rivals, they find common ground and become close friends. Mother-in-law play a very important role in families of Mexico, as taking a very active part in the lives of their sons and after their marriage. In Mexican everyday, no jokes about mother-in-law or mother-in-law, there are humorous songs. But since in Spanish, the mother-in-law and mother-in-law referred to by the same word, the meaning of the song depends on it is performed by the singer or the singer. The stereotype of the bright the makeup, which is used by Mexican women, in fact, true. The women here are very bright, they are flashy makeup, and they don’t look vulgar with him. Women in Mexico really want to get married, according to ordinary notions, to not be married very undervalued. However, strap the Mexicans are quite high: in marriage you need to go well. A man should be handsome, rich, smart, loving, kind etc. and all the intrigues that abound in the»soap Opera», not so far from the truth, Mexican is ready to win the love of decent men. After all, even in the plots of the serials the heroine is not fighting for the love of a drunkard, who was recently released from prison for the murder of his wife. children’s parties handle it more elegantly and with panache. Indeed, one can say that the unofficial motto of the Mexican families -«all best — to children»is the starting point around which to build a family life. Love for children demonstrated by Mexican parents cannot be measured by anything, children enjoy full freedom and basking in infinite love. Many children are found mainly in villages in the city usually one or two, rarely three children in the family. Children must be involved in all family celebrations and events. Mexicans do not discipline their children, moreover, boys are even encouraged for hooliganism. to change and feed the baby. As for joint recreation and walks with children, here, as a rule, men take the initiative. the children are very late maturing. This is largely due to increased care and concern shown to them by parents. Parents with children maintain a close relationship all his life, regardless of age. A situation in which parental custody at some point disappears from the life of the child, almost impossible. Parents are very tough the period when children are going to have families of their own and leave the parental home. Special care given to the boys who remain associated for all life with their mothers. As noted above, mother-in-law are very actively involved in the lives of their adult married sons and it is not considered something wrong. Love and care is not unilateral and are not directed only from parents to children. The children also take care of your father and mother all my life, I often see them, if necessary, take them to my new family to care for them