Miguel Minoru, who arrived in Russia from Mexico to cheer for their national team at the world Cup.

On the first day of the Championship Miguel asked a passerby girls to explain to him how to get to the»Luzhniki». And while Christine was explaining to a foreign guest, where to go, the boy managed to fall in love and decide that she will become his wife. In the end she agreed to undertake a new friend to the podium, and he invited her to lunch, but was refused.

The phone number of the girl still left

The young people talked on the phone for hours, but for the sake of meeting with his beloved, Miguel even missed one of the games of his team. On the closing day of the world Cup, the Mexican invited the Russian beauty to marry him.

Before this young man managed to fly home and inform his relatives that he would marry

Christine agreed to become the wife of Miguel, and has already introduced him to my parents.

Now the young man prepares the documents for the move to his future wife in Mexico