To begin with, briefly: I SUGGEST YOU to FLY TO MEXICO. Someone scares off a long flight, someone expensive who is afraid of language barrier or dirt on the streets. But these fears are nothing compared to the colour that you will see hardly leaving the hotel. This is not the usual Europe, the middle East countries or Asian distant beach is ANOTHER America. Flight. Direct flights from Mexico city no. But the offer to fly with a stopover in Cuba. Not a bad option. Thirteen hours in flight, three hours for a transplant, and three to Mexico city (or Cancun). If you can sleep on the plane perfectly. If not, the Council do not cancel eyes and doze off in the hour of the day it is still useless. Even if you manage to space out for twenty minutes, then wakes up totally freaked out. Better watch a movie, read a book, take a road game, and, if addicted, the ideal is needlework: knitting, embroidery (plastic knitting needles and small metal needles are allowed on Board). If you’re lucky, in three or four hours you will see the coast of great Britain and Ireland. Then the sky is most likely shrouded in clouds over the Atlantic, but an hour to Havana the person sitting at the window, it is necessary to open the sash window there BAHAMAS. It is easy to guess the outlines of the island of the capital Nassau and Paradise island. It is important not to go crazy with the color turquoise water. We flew from Mexico city early in the morning, and, given the change of time zones in Havana was at lunch. Because of flight delays, Aeroflot’s time for a transplant there are very few, but airport workers had to shovel our bags from one plane to another. Another three hours on the lines, and Hello, Mexico. Near the terminal there are two metro stations. To find a way straight to the platform are unable (due to twenty hours of road), but the ten rubles (peso) bus ride to the station, and from there get to the hotel. About a taxi. There are urban are. First expensive: a ten minute ride to center city peso. Piece much cheaper and fifty pesos in the center and from the center to the airport, but with the arrivals problem, so can only help out a local SIM card. (‘)The areas and streets in the city different. Have you tried to walk closer to midnight or early morning on Nevsky prospect in St. Petersburg, and the closest parallel street. The difference is obvious. And in Mexico city. If you move to Take away, eat in the cafes with a clear network of food, walk through the main streets near the main attractions impression of the capital of Mexico will be CLEARLY positive. That was the impression we were going to, but then stepped on a few factors. First, because of the flights on local time went to bed at eight in the evening, and I woke up at five in the morning. Secondly, for several years has already managed to wean from the transfer clock to winter time, and in Mexico arrived in the night from Saturday to Sunday, when the arrow was transferred back one hour. And therefore it was that his walk began at seven in the morning (even though the thought day which is eight). Third: there is a difference between a weekday morning when everyone rushing to work, and on Sunday morning after the carnival, when the townspeople celebrate the beginning of carnival on the occasion of the main holiday of the country of Day of the dead. In short, the streets of Mexico city we left before they had to leave the homeless and cleaned up the trash. So, the Council once you’re on vacation, walking is better to start closer to nine in the morning when the cafes are already full for Breakfast. Very pleased with the network for a reasonable price delicious mixture of Mexican and European cuisine. Often, the waiters even speak English and have English menu. For Breakfast was avocado and fried banana basic delicacies is yet to come. I will say in advance that on the third day we were given paper discount cards, and by the end of the trip managed to take advantage of a discount of thirty. By the way don’t resist the temptation not to look into the small courtyards of local residents. Yes, poor, but very colorful. Already visible from afar, Torre Latinoamericana, the tallest building in the country, standing on which, you can say Hello to Mexico. At the entrance give the bracelets, as in a night club it is impossible to remove without tearing. But to remove and do not operate throughout the day, so for the peso to climb to the top floor in the morning, then afternoon and again after sunset. Even in cloudy in the city is excellent. It is easy to discern the Area of the Zocalo and a business center with skyscrapers and consider the roof of a Catholic Basilica that is located at the foot of the tower. On the upper floors without surprises: sovereign shops, cafes, restaurant, small Museum. Rising to the top, get to the open terrace with a lattice, so there is to make great pictures. By organ grinders and installations for the photo, moving to the metro station, where on weekends a spontaneous market. On weekdays, the rows as is, but it is better to come on Saturday and Sunday of goods and leisure is much more. I guarantee that without the buoys from beads, bracelets of shells, ceramic skulls or bright floral wreath on your head you will not go there. Except that the magnets I have picked up from any city in large numbers, the situation is not very abundant in the Park. About street food. Her very much. A feeling that food is rare in apartments, and because the Mexicans go to eat the fees for Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cafe. Moreover, even the smallest and inconspicuous trucks always have a buyer. But, keep in mind that in English to explain you will not succeed. And even handwritten nameplates and the price may not be. So if you don’t want to meow and put his fingers to his head, imitating horns, be dictionary. A better grab yourself a corn: in big HUGE juicy cob of grain, they are fried, sprinkled with lime and pepper delicious. The famous grasshoppers in the heart of Mexico I have not seen. But in the neighboring Cholula and Puebla on every corner. Local and really eat them like sunflower seeds. But you can often find the white tourist. Usually, it’s us-scarlet bag, which are almost at arm’s length to the nearest garbage. After the market, should go a couple of blocks to the Monument of the revolution. Ten minutes later, you will see a concrete arch in the square, where children and young people. Wanting to climb to the top is not much view from the Latin American tower is out of competition. But because the guys just sitting on the sidewalk talking, discussing plans for the evening, the Tourist. 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