This luxury mini-resort is located in the famous nature reserve on the Pacific coast and it seems completely isolated from modern civilization. We have repeatedly shown you pictures of the offspring of rich parents, which usually popularly referred to as ‘majors’. Today we would like to show you the major from Mexico city, capital of Mexico, which boast expensive supercars, flying in private jets and bundles of cash. This is such an amazing built in Mexico, the W. the Hotel is designed by architects. The rooms are typical concrete pipe that are talented architects turned into cosy rooms. Gone are the days when representatives of a major criminal enterprise hiding under the guise of clerks, would hide their wealth from prying eyes, trying not to attract attention to their way of life. Selling drugs in Mexico is one of the most profitable cases, so there are many mobsters who are doing this. According to the State news Agency early Sunday from the explosion of an oil pipeline in Central Mexico killed at least ten people. This girl named Cristina Navarro Mesa, and it works for traffic police and traffic control in Culiacan, Mexico. Recently her photo hit the net with complaints from drivers that Christina is the cause of all traffic jams in Mexico. According to drivers, they simply cannot drive past and not watching what causes traffic jams, and in some cases even crash. In Mexico anniversary ruby Iberians turned into a posh party, which was attended by thousands of people from across the country, as well as media and celebrities. It all started with the fact that the girl’s father has recorded a video message in which he invited everyone to a celebration of the age of his daughter. The border between the U.S. and Mexico are separated by walls and fences that stretch for thousands of miles, but the new President Donald Trump is not enough. During his election campaign, trump promised to build an impenetrable wall on the border, and it was good many Americans. Further, we propose to look at how it looks now, the border between the two countries. Photographer Johan Warmed visited the underground smuggling tunnels under the Mexican-American border. The first tunnels were here and were used for drug smuggling, later on it began to carry out illegal migrants. Most of these tunnels are very simple and short, although sometimes there are more complex and long options. Over the last twenty five years has been found more tunnels, and some of them are waiting for you on. The mansion resort in Los Cabage (Mexico) opened in July. Is a house by the ocean, with an area of twenty eight square feet. The mansion has everything, including a bar, pool and Spa. Your services the driver of a utility vehicle and two footmen, guests can order a custom firework to celebrate a special occasion, but not cheap. For a night in this mansion will have to pay thirty-five dollars. The chief of police of the port city of Acapulco, Manuel Flora, decided to fight crime on the streets rather unusual way, creating a unit consisting solely of women. The world’s longest pier is in the small town of Progress, Yucatan, Mexico. This pier is more like a bridge to some island, as it goes deep into the Gulf of Mexico to, km. Joaquin is a shaman from the Mexican city Saltillo. He claims he can»cure»homosexuality. To everyone he offers to take the -minute ceremony, during which he sacrifices a black goat. The shaman pours the blood of the unfortunate animal genitals»patient», saying the occasion with appropriate prayers. Wealthy residents of Mexico can buy such an unusual garment. These unique boots-skis are dollars, however, their usage environment, frankly, remains unclear. Mexico — she is. Very colorful and very different. Bright house, ceramic plates with street names and house numbers, colorful small cars, the complete lack of garbage cans and crazy-beautiful sunsets — it’s all Mexico. Today I propose to explore the Puerto of the Enclosure. I suggest you look further interesting selection of photos of improvised armored vehicles used by Mexican drug lords to transport drugs. Most interestingly, the Mexican police no other choice but to do their own armored cars to combat drug trafficking, which is everywhere in Mexico uses improvised armoured cars. Mexican soldiers seized in one of the houses belonging to drug traffickers, twenty-six million dollars. Such a nice bunch of cash. ‘Passengers’ trains the symbolic name perfectly understand the risk they put their lives trying to reach the US border from Mexico, but that doesn’t stop the migrants, who paid one hundred dollars per ‘ticket’. Controls that train the drug cartel, and its passengers can be robbed, raped or even murdered with impunity. Dancers on the pole in Mexico took to the streets to celebrate the day dedicated to their sport and show others what skills they use. During the celebration of the national day of dance on the pole dancers could be seen throughout Mexico city in parks, in gyms under the open sky. They use street lights and other objects to show themselves and their skills. The Mexican jungle is not the best place for the realization of artistic ideas. But one eccentric British millionaire decided the lush hills of the Sierra Madre are the perfect place to implement his ideas and created a surreal city, as if lost for long time in the impenetrable thickets. Since childhood, I was sure that Mexico city is the largest city in the world by number of inhabitants. Don’t know why, like in the Soviet textbooks it wrote. In fact, it lives only nine million people. But the population of the agglomeration is million, but still, this makes it the fifth largest agglomeration in the world. So no records. In February, was finally arrested the most wanted Mexican drug Lord Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, the legend of the criminal world, which in -m was in the list of world billionaires magazine “”. Guzman entered the list of most wanted criminals of the United States and Mexico and led the “Sinaloa Cartel”. The crystal cave — a cavern in a mine in the southern Mexican state of Chihuahua, filled with the world’s largest crystals of Selenite, which reaches fifteen meters in length and m in diameter. High temperature (almost) one hundred and humidity make it difficult for tourists, but there still climb the Sea’s stunning blue waters, white sand, Mayan pyramids, wonderful food, low prices, melodious Spanish is the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. This time we decided not to chase the endless Ethnography, and just relax. Today, I invite you to look at the Yucatan, will talk about the price, safety and practical, it’s very cheap rental car — five days cost only. And the Mexican police demanded a bribe in one day, had to pay. The hike in the non-tourist area of Mexico city. But what to say about tourists, even if the capital’s residents know little about this area of the city. Even on the map of the area there — advertising shyly covers — city garbage Mexico is a country with a very ancient history, a country rich in archaeological monuments of the Maya, Tolstikov and Aztecs. Mexico is ready to impress tourists with its magnificent nature, beautiful beaches and ancient volcanoes. In this post you will see a Paradise with warm sea and hospitable people and visit real the monuments of antiquity, centuries-old pyramids of ancient civilizations. Mexico is rich in them, but available to visit only a few of them. Mexico city has a Museum, which previously held classes, the military, diplomats and cadets in preparation for covering. Now the Museum is open to Mexican authorities, foreign diplomats, and cadets-graduates and some journalists, but ordinary people access to the Museum is closed. Drug lords from Mexico are apparently not afraid of anything Why. Look further in the photo that spreads to your social network profile one of the members of the Mexican drug cartel. -year-old man by name from the Mexican city, after a divorce with his wife for more than ten years living in his Volkswagen year