Mexico a motley mixture of Spanish, Indian and Caribbean cultures. Relax on the best beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, ancient monuments of mysterious civilizations and diving on the island of Cozumel, tequila, great food and catchy disco all in colorful Mexico.

It offers the tourists to dive in time to the ancient civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs, to enjoy the beauty of colonial architecture and grandeur of modern buildings. Contrast can also be seen in the nature of the country. Here are all of the volcanoes, deserts, sandy beaches and coral reefs. And who does not dream to visit full of passion Mexican carnival and try the tequila.

And all this in a year-round summer

Today Mexico is a unique and striking blend of past and present. This land is an amazing combination of dense jungle, wide plains, mountain and volcanoes, fantastic scenery and a graceful pyramid. This country is proud and open people, bright colors and the rich history will surely impress and will win you over with its sincere hospitality. Mexicans are very similar to Portuguese as its temperamental and short temper, which compose stories and legends. Mexicans don’t suffer ridicule in any form, believing that it demeans their dignity. Hot and passionate Mexican men are capable of very strong feelings, they love wholeheartedly and give it your all. Along with this they have an insane jealousy, which sometimes transcends and is manifested in violence against women. His wife is Mexican may be jealous of anyone, and jealousy can even occur in a vacuum. For Mexicans it’s better to be funny than to be recognized as a cuckold, and he also can’t tolerate the ridicule from any party.

Children for Mexicans is truly the flower of life

Love for the children here cannot be measured by any boundaries, they have in the family equal rights with adults, and are free. In recently one can observe a large flow of Mexicans, who are interested in marriage with European women