Hello we are Russian specialists offer a full range of services for installation, repair and service of climatic equipment (air Conditioners, Split-system), refrigeration showcases and freezers, and ventilation systems. Please tell me what boards I can sell drone action camera.

Looking for a apartment small house on the quiet outskirts of Cancun for two months, preferably walking distance to the sea as possible budget. Maybe someone saw the options. Hi to all, teach Spanish, English and German languages. Teaching experience of eight years.

Have a higher education

Diploma of linguist, translator.

Mexico City

For more details please, I’ll be glad to communicate. If you are not a hairdresser, but I know what works salon, please share this information (for example, in which the cabin). Hello December in Mexico city, then to Cancun. In General, since the end of December we need two apartment in Cancun (preferably with at least one with kitchen) for four months exactly, because back in early may fly away. Thank you Good day provide the services of a broker international health insurance — will be happy to help you choose the policy option that will suit You to cover in Mexico and in other countries. We help you choose an individual, family policies, and plans for children separately and also for corporate companies from persons. Write a personal message, I will help you understand the details I write to you from Russia, town of Kursk. You may be interested in made our city famous in the country natural cosmetics of premium class under the name of»Cleon», received awards at national exhibitions. We produce effective, safe and affordable product for solutions to common requests for facial, body and hair based on organic natural ingredients: vegetable and essential oils, herbal extracts, spices, bee products, we are proud of and can safely imagine as to our compatriots in Russia and abroad, and to foreigners. You may for the Department of Russian products will be interesting for the series of Russian natural soap and cosmetics -«the Monastery collection», which revives the tradition of Russian folk medicine and which contains life-giving force of herbs monastery metochion, sanctified clay of ryla piously-Nikolaev monastery, the life-giving water sources Root Hermitage where historically, there was the Kursk Root icon of the Mother of God. All our products are certified according to the standards of the Customs Union. Our group: My partner in France has links with a school in Mexico and I was asked to help this institution in the preparation of documents for the visa, so they can come to France for an internship. want to Mexico to go indefinitely. I’m a wild traveller no tours or plans. come to the country, live, communicate, work if find — are when that I lived in Los Angeles, but then had to leave because of visa. now I understand what you want in that region again, I love the sroi life. in Mexico visited then, too, liked, everything. So WHAT is IT I would be eternally grateful for any help and support in Mexico — can anyone help with job, with housing for the first time), etc, or just to make the company provide simple part time, and the payment of one hundred dollars a week, details on my page.

All a good day