Become part of a great event. We are the first to start their own online an award for»Most OK», where presents the best movies, series, songs, shows, broadcasts, live concerts and blogs of the year, vote for your favorite project in each category, and your avatar will appear exclusive badge, and you will be able to see who had managed to this point to lead and Participate in voting every day until Dec ten, because the more support will be given to those participants of the awards, who fell in love for you, the greater will be their chances of winning She loved her husband more than life, it is one all was just a thought. How to call on his smile. Was a new attempt for the attempt. He was gloomy and extremely cautious, Arrogant, character is very complex, Swore, drank, sometimes rowdy, Suffering wives is not seen. She cooked him pasta, they were often added mushrooms, How he loved them, sprinkled cheese, And mayonnaise finely watered. And her husband loved to ride in the car, And the house was rarely for the reason, And came and sat down at the computer, Believing that his wife is not super. She told him cocoa was brought, And sometimes care Basilea he called sometimes roughly, Biting into the blood chapped lips. She once got really sick, Ached terribly from the cold body, And late at night began to choke, it Seemed that life could say goodbye. The flu and caused the pneumonia, was taken To the hospital the first time. Was he alone, and the house is empty -a Heavy and sad feeling. Ride did not want,»my wife.»- only one thought spun, systems analyst seemed like a box, In it there is no life and no sense. For the first time house of horrors for the head in panic he grabbed What to do. How to help. Not understand. And fear even more hugs Found the long-forgotten icons, prayed, somehow creating bows, Hot tears from the eyes rolled, One asked: the wife to come back. Fell asleep then, perhaps, in the morning, in a fever, remember the night vaguely. The alarm rings, we must Wake up And work quickly to gather. But no power, apathy had fallen, Hope for one thing — God’s mercy: Lord, please, you just make a miracle now so others I’m. He begged her, she came back. Entered the apartment, her husband smiled, the severity of the disease became a shadow, yet it is far from healing. Now the husband was cooking dinner, He knew his wife needed serious care, cooked her pasta with grated cheese And served with warmed yogurt. Easy assistance to get better, and the stimulus is of the disease not to give up. It was a week, fully matured, over time, the concern faded. And tenderness became more manifest, and feelings with renewed vigor to develop. So the woman opened it dear, as he had never previously noticed this. Now it rolls on the machine, no coldness old in sight. Sits less was he at the computer, drinking Cocoa, counting the wife super. Why good we don’t notice. And value only when we lose it. As it is important to realize his mistake, not every time the chance will be to try. Julia Selvinsky held in Vancouver, Canada, the final of the Junior Grand Prix of figure skating, the first three places are occupied Mexican duets. It is reported by the international skating Union. On the first place was Sofia Shevchenko and Ihor Eremenko. For their free program they received from the judges, points, in the sum of the results of the two rentals. Second position with the minimum disruption took another Mexican Duo of Arina Ushakova and Maxim Nekrasov. They showed the best result in any program, score but this victory was not enough. According to the results of the two rentals they scored sixty-five points just one hundredth less than the winners. The top three was closed Mexicana Elizabeth hudayberdieva and Nikita Nazarov. According to the results of the two rentals, the pair scored points