How to marry a Portuguese man. Forum about Portugal:"Live in Portugal"

Well, I don't know what to say There is paradox Almost completely agree with Svetlana, my husband's niece has been Dating a guy for almost a year, and practically lives, I look at him in the same photo that describes SvetlanaNo one wants any responsibility now - they didn't like something and then quickly ran away. Even my husband has told me for years that if I were Portuguese, I wouldn't have ended our relationship. Then what are the young people waiting for? There is a sense that ...

Customs and traditions in Mexico

In Mexico the true freedom of speech

Mexico hot and Sunny South American country with an extremely cheerful and sociable people and a strong cult of the familyMexicans are kind, cheerful, love to talk and listen to gossip. They are hospitable to foreigners, though wary of the American style of communication and to the Spaniards. Ardent patriots, I love the holidays and arrange them on various occasions. Good communication is evident at least that the inhabitants of Mexico use...

Chat roulette

Faced with this problem, I am currently working on a Python ZoneThe principle is as follows: the Server is only a router, providing communication with the client through an intermediary. Well, it works well, only one thing I understand. When you rewrite, the server generates public keys and replaces the client that was sent by another client.

This way, the server can decrypt messages when they are exchanged between clients.

There is a way to check the authenticity of t...

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