Brazilian notes: Brazilian men - who are they

If all this were true, one would only feel sympathy

The cliche is: Brazilian men - passionate romance, ready for anything to stand on your favorite feetAt the same time, he is a lustful bully who constantly changes and shoves every woman who is nearby into a corner. Congratulations, and they can't be trusted because the Brazilians have put you right and left. And yet Brazilian men are irresponsible and ready to live with their mother until retirement. I suggest you try to go ...

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Reasons why you should not take a vacation in Brazil

Before you-the wind is stronger than such reasons

The Brazilian is considered very attractive for local tourists, but there are enough reasons why it is better not to visit this countryBrazilians eat a lot of meat. The meat comes from the cow. Cows need a place to graze.

For this reason the rain forest in Brazil was cut down and deforested on a large scale.

And by enjoying an exotic drink, you are contributing to the destruction of the rainforest. Even if the ...

The beaches of Brazil in front of everyone

warm waves of the Atlantic ocean

What could be better than a warmer climate? Where the hot sun

You will find all this and much more

fragile on the coast.

and the most beautiful girls.

Customs and traditions in Mexico

In Mexico the true freedom of speech

Mexico hot and Sunny South American country with an extremely cheerful and sociable people and a strong cult of the familyMexicans are kind, cheerful, love to talk and listen to gossip. They are hospitable to foreigners, though wary of the American style of communication and to the Spaniards. Ardent patriots, I love the holidays and arrange them on various occasions. Good communication is evident at least that the inhabitants of Mexico use...

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