The Dutchman met a girl in the “Chatroulette” and went to see her in Person

Just in a hurry to see new places

“Motorcycle for two decades. Well it is possible to trust, this is the most reliable motorcycles for world travel”, unusual, a bit “nasal” says the English traveler Esin of HahonkiThe Dutchman went to the big racetrack is almost “bet” his friend drove once from Beijing to Moscow, and Esin decided to outdo this feat.

No, I don't want to show the world this mileage, laughs Esin.

-In Chelyabinsk, the traveler stopped at the girl of Sofia, where five years ago met in the “Chatroulette”. this is a service where you completely random can “communicate” with the person at the other side of the world. Sonia flew as a flight attendant in your Europe, has been in the Netherlands.

Soups eaten, but red was not among them, says Esin

In General, the ILO, the pilgrim usually stay in hostels and motels, and in Chelyabinsk it a friend. The soup I have not tried.

What it is. The red soup Wow.

In General, Russia is a very “different” country. But in General, and roads, and people are much friendlier than I was told.

“The friendly people” was first treated with Esin buckwheat, it was in a hostel in St. Petersburg Like, eat European a lot of this unusual grains (but maybe just hid the buckwheat somewhere in my pocket so as not to offend the hospitality of the people of Leningrad).

-The next destination Kazakhstan and then to Mongolia. And now the main plot twist of this story, and all the bikers are now horrified to exhale: motorcycle our traveler would have to leave. In the capital of Mongolia, in Ulan Bator, Esin plans to sell the ILO and move the plane to Korea, and thence to Canada, to the wedding of his brother.

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