Mexico is a place with a unique culture based on traditions and well-defined rules. To make a good impression in Mexico, and to easily find new friends there, it is important to know the Mexican rules of etiquette. In conversation with the Mexican don’t need to call him by his name. This can be done only if it is the first offer. Men with acquaintance shake hands, and after the relationship becomes closer, they can Pat each other on the shoulder or back. Society and business in Mexico built on the established hierarchy. Respect for authority is particularly important. To people with higher status should always be treated with respect. Be careful when you meet with a business partner in Mexico. The latter creates an impression about you depending on the person who introduced you. One of the best ways to better understand Mexican culture it’s to get to a local resident in the house. The rules of etiquette in Mexico require that employers offer a small gift like a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers. If you chose a bouquet, never use calendula flowers is funeral flowers in Mexico, also avoid colors of red. If in turn, you will receive a small gift from the Mexican, immediately unpack it and Express their appreciation. When you go to visit, do not rush to arrive at the designated time or before. For a party in Mexico, the rules of etiquette allow you to arrive half an hour late. The hosts introduce guests to one another and invited to the table. The topic of discussion, which should be approached with caution, is the family. In Mexico the family is the Foundation of society. Mexicans respect authority of parents, relatives help each other, the relationship between the families is quite close. Foreigners with a different mentality it is better to avoid disputes on this topic. Business in Mexico is commonplace, if you ask about family, Hobbies or things from the past. Topics for communication are different, such as politics, weather, health, but the discussions are polite and generic. To make a good impression, it is important to learn some Spanish words or phrases like (thank you) or (sorry) when treated with some request or want to ask anything. Want to learn more about Mexico, best online magazines will tell you many interesting about this country. Read about sights in Mexico and about how to relax in this exotic for Mexico country