This story is like a Mexican series. There are a lot of actors, there is a love triangle, as well as notorious kidnapping, pereproshivka the whole country. It all started with the disappearance in Moscow of the Mexican fan Francisco Mats. It disappeared from the radar after they met in a bar with a lonely Muscovite, and together they watched the world Cup match Peru Denmark. Our friend Francisco Mata’s been out since Saturday, wrote on his page in Facebook friend Mexican Amanda. We know he went to the woman by the name of Alat. Since then his phone is off and when we tried to contact this woman, she did not allow us to talk and blocked the connection. We know there is something strange, because the last time we spoke with him, he was very embarrassed and even cried. We have appealed to the embassies. Family members Francisco used thousands of ways to find it. With him in Moscow came his friends, they contacted the police. If anyone finds out about it, inform us please. Amanda’s post about the disappearance of Francisco, a smiling brunette who came to Russia to cheer for their team at the world Cup, spread rapidly across the Network.

someone had written Alex Lopez. And the wife was the first to realize that something is wrong, because he did not respond to calls. Shortly after the publication of Amanda about this case have been actively writing and Mexican media. The reporter tracked down the woman, from which originated all the fuss, and she brought her version of what happened. This is a nasty story, tells of Alat. The truth is that I lied brother, Francisco Nicolas. Supposedly I held a young man in prison, fed him drugs and was robbed.

But it was not so

According to the woman, she met Francisco at the bar, where they watched the match Peru Denmark. There was also the brother of Mexican. Nicholas offered to go to another institution, we refused, remembers the Alat. Then he took from Francisco all cash and credit card. And we with Francisco gone to me. Francisco left my apartment, said that he has a wife, but keeps them together only a kid. Since then, we talked to his brother Nicholas on the phone. I asked why if Francisco does not want to go anywhere, remembers the Alat. Said he was not worried, and I’ll send him home in a taxi. However, all the media write, if I shut down the phone. Though it’s his brother I was blocked when I wanted to call and say that Francisco forgot my passport fan. Perhaps Nicholas behaved due to the fact that Francisco is married. The settlement says that Francisco was in her safe and sound, the brother of the fan didn’t even want to answer his calls. I’d like to get me an official apology, says Alat. He unfairly misrepresented me in two countries. Now Francisco had already left me.

His brother took a taxi

I made sure they met. Information that Francisco Mata was confirmed in the Embassy of Mexico in Russia in his page in Twitter. The Embassy staff visited him he was all right with health, the report said. That’s just how he is now in the order of personal life issues