Now we will tell you all the good that awaits you in this country, and also bad. In addition, briefly describe what is missing Russian women in Mexico. In this country the culture was formed due to mixing of various cultures (Mayan, chistikov and others). In the twentieth centuries was strongly influenced. In this wonderful country live in harmony traditions and beliefs of civilizations — Indian and European. For example, in the country, except for Mexico city, abortion is banned. But is allowed in Mexico, same-sex marriage. Nature in this country diverse. The state has everything: deserts with cacti, mountains with snow, humid jungles, volcanoes, ocean coastline, and more. The state is very well developed domestic tourism. Only regret is no rail traffic. But there are carriers and comfortable network of buses. By the way, the roads are good enough, and it is just beautiful. All clothes are usually American brands. Shoes here is good, for every taste. There are expensive and cheap. fifty dollars is the most expensive shoes in the most expensive store. In this country, always juicy, lean fresh meat.

In Mexico milk is of excellent quality, and does not matter whether you have bought cheaply or expensively it. In any case, this product is better than the Russian or the European equivalent. From this milk make the best cocktails for Breakfast. The state can watch us and Mexican channels, with no satellite. Most here show American films at different times of the day. Only in the capital city lives twenty-two million people. This creates a lot of problems. Only in Mexico city there is a subway on the outskirts need to get on the shuttles, which are very difficult to climb. By the way, this type of transport goes with the doors open. About the rules of traffic regulations drivers of minibuses have no idea. In this state, many cars, respectively, and the exhaust mass. The government is committed to improve the environment in the country. So actively enough there is developing a bike rental service. For an annual subscription you have to pay about four hundred pesos (million, thousand). If you are the owner of this document, you have the right to ride for forty minutes a day. Old traffic is prohibited to enter the country once a week. The aim is to reduce the level of contamination. Despite all the efforts of purity in the country is poor. People who come to the country, come in for a few days, as it is very noisy. Local everything is fine, after all they live here a long time. In addition, the government honk for no reason. On the street a lot of the seller and the organ-grinders and beggars. Many travel around with a truck with music. In this noise and chaos is very difficult to put children to sleep. The girls here don’t like foreign citizens. They literally Russian women physically and mentally destroyed. Friendship of women in this country. If you smile, be sure to check out Lee you have a knife in his back. Local citizens are not particularly beautiful. Cosmetics they only worsen your appearance. Mexican women try a lot to copy European citizens. The country is popular skin whitening face and body. All the local girls wear high heels. By the way, with blue-eyed blondes Mexican women can be photographed. The girls here look a bit worse than men. Representatives of the stronger sex here look after themselves, they are always neatly dressed, often done up with gel hair and polished shoes.

Many of them speak English

All men in the country, watch the news and read Newspapers. Local girls, usually sitting with children. Maternity leave is only forty-five days. Most of the local girls after the baby is born to become Housewives. They do household chores, cook and raise children. For the local people, the national cuisine is a religion. There are many different restaurants with national cuisine. In these families cook very rarely, and then only Mexican food. All the same — on the streets. Each meal is accompanied by tortillas. Such uniformity, of course, bored. Even Japanese cafes and restaurants you will be served wasabi and ginger, but on the table you will see the finely chopped chili and lime. — this is the second love of Mexicans. Nuts, chips (corn, potato, chili and without), candy — all the local people eat in large quantities. The average Mexican family consisting of six people, buys a box of chips and a pack (six pieces) two-liter bottles for the weekend. The kind of food to eat and two children, and -year-old grandmother. It becomes clear why this country is one of the first places in obesity. For the Mexican people, like all southern Nations, characterized by slowness. Local citizens may be late for fifteen minutes or more. For them this is acceptable, but for us it is a sign of ignorance. Communicating with local citizens, please be patient. It is possible that you will have to repeat something five times or more. The word»tomorrow»with the local people means»once». In winter there is very cold, because gas is expensive. If you turn on the heating for two hours a day (an hour in the morning and at this time of night), you will need to pay three hundred dollars a month. Expensive to fly to their relatives in Russia from Mexico, so seeing does not happen very often.

As a rule, only once a year

In this country it is not customary to give gifts and flowers, as well as arrange events and parties.

The exception is children

Them on the sixth of January, it is customary to give gifts, and in large quantities. A typical Mexican birthday is beer, chips, dance, Coca-Cola and songs. All late for a few hours and come on a holiday without gifts