Women and men of Mexico - what they are

With clothes there is not much bother

Often girls look older than their years (especially Schoolgirls)

For example, I was surprised when talking with a girl, seemed to me already very adult, I learned that she is a couple of days ago was only fifteen years old In terms of clothing, the same principle: the younger the girl, the more she watching him, though, is really fashionable and well-dressed person is more the exception for Mexico, not the rule.

Most fashionistas I saw, perhaps, in Queretaro Girls, where you can stare and crash into a pillar, meet, actually, not as often as I would like young visitors) Makeup the Mexican girls too often specific: it either does not exist or this tattoo, which will be envied by any ancestor of the Indians In terms of hairstyles Mexicans are not the big widesize: often wear flowing hair, tails, and almost never doing braids (except children and old women). Trendy haircuts are not great hunters, as well as to painting the Eyes extremely dark, black hair exclusively. Only met a couple of times girls with gray eyes mostly girls have similar facial features, but occasionally there are individuals, very different from the others. Anyway, the stunning beauties of Mexicans do not call, not Salma Hayek and Penelope the lives, but cute and not devoid of charisma Most have fairly dark skin but sometimes there are very pale. As far as I know, it's considered great luck to be born with light skin Tattoos, piercing, tunnels in my ears, the phenomenon is quite rare.

Mostly, these young ladies can be found in the resort areas, which tend relaxed atmosphere.

In terms of clothing, girls not differ shyness: short shorts, t-shirts, things are tight all this are many, and regardless of is placed in them or not Dystrophic and anorexia in Mexico is clearly not held in high esteem. Curvy is the norm) the only trouble is that to keep them in a nice way the girls manage in the best case, years before.

In General, most peculiar way and the behavior of veselchak-flirtatious In terms of completeness, the Cavaliers take care of themselves, it seems, even less than ladies: Coca-Cola favorite drink, sandwiches, tacos and chips favorite food However, there are very nice copies, but are the nicest guys in Mexico, unfortunately, even less than girls, and stylish with all the trouble He's the exception, not the rule.

So guys, going to travel with girlfriends and wives may not worry much about that the second half will stare at the guys. Fashionistas occur, but rarely. Mainly in the cities, where many students and other the youth, like Guanajuato Chubby a lot, no wonder the Mexicans are one of the most protective Nations in the world.

It should be noted, Mexican food, and the habit to eat at night this feature a couple of Years after twenty-three twenty-five (sometimes earlier), especially after having children, the girls start to spread in the impressive women, Mature athletic woman phenomenon in Mexico is virtually impossible.

They eat, eat constantly and fitness, apparently, is not their strong point. You have to understand that in Mexico there is no such cult of thinness, as, for example, us. They even in magazines almost all of the ladies of magnificent forms, not that our herring.

To the entirety take it easy and consider it normal, as women and men.

They used to, they like it.

Beautiful and well-kept women with glittering eyes is also a rare animal.

Usually they are not too neatly dressed, slightly disheveled and depressed with life and its hardships. The majority of Mexican people are poor and many children, and it worries, concerns and other pleasures life, However, despite the difficulties, seniors are able to forget about them and genuinely have fun and laugh when there is a reason, and sometimes without it, mostly women do not resort to means for hiding the age. Hair dye, cosmetics, and even more Botox and other wisdom why it's needed. What is natural is not ugly. Men seem, on the contrary, with age, become more toned, not so rare on the streets is the picture when full-full is with thin, thin husband Men funny.

They don't seem too sad about it

And what they sad.

It's not for them to sit with three children, to pick out the spines from cactus and make tortillas all the time Fashionistas not much.

A standard set of clothing simple blue jeans, but the t-shirt. 've noticed a trend than seniors older, the more often wear shirts, but not those under his tie, informal, casual older Men love to wear hats and I have to say, they are very to face. There is a special hat city. The seller of Souvenirs. By the way, the seller is a very common activity in Mexico. Sometimes, even just carried out of the house a table, put it near the fence and the pants sit nearby on a chair all day, selling all sorts of stuff.

A sort of homegrown businessmen Another Hatter.

I really like this character seemed to bisagno scenes from American westerns) they Say the Mexicans are very family. Divorce is rare, tolerate each other to the last. Men made to protect our homes. So, who to him with a a sword comes. Honestly, from a purely external manifestations of such a type as the aged womanizer or narcissist womanizer, I did not notice. Family men rarely give girls an unequivocal views, not to mention more Beards and mustaches carry fewer representatives strongly of sex, preferring a smoothly shaven face. The three-day stubble wasn't much in Vogue. We'll get to that photo for some reason, all the mustachioed, bearded) Drunken, inappropriate Mexicans on the streets almost will not meet. This is a rarity Not made them drunk to walk, ashamed, apparently.

I look like sitting in cafes and pubs, sipping beer, but it is not very intoxicating, or they imperceptibly the dark paths then get back home.

Wobbly and noisy seniors with faltering tongues had not met the Couple separate and my favorite subject. Mexicans are very harmonious look in a pair. They are not accustomed to hide their feelings, so if you love, all around know about it. Yeah, right, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Young people are usually more loving. Relations Mexicans are very loose. No one (or only) for life. Brides and grooms can change a lot of hugging and other manifestations of affection are not hidden from prying eyes and accepted. No one will look askance and say Shameless. To be honest, I for six months did not understand, whether there is in Mexican cities clubs and how they popular. Cinemas, for example, not so much as entertainment centers as a whole. Just curious, what is Dating. The boys seem to just roam the streets, sitting in parks or anywhere in cafes for Tourists having really no time to get acquainted with the inhabitants, the Mexicans appear mostly like that old man in Mexico is also very nice. I think for the most part, the Mexicans do know how to grow old without turning into grumbling, querulous life of old I think, not all old people lives easy, but they never show. Meet each other with smile, with her and say goodbye, and love each other until old age. Very often in the cities, in the Central square, you can watch as elderly couples come just to dance to the music of the orchestra. Isn't it romantic.

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